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Cuplock Scaffolding System- Get Familiar With Parts Of Inside Mechanism

Posted by Admin on July, 21, 2020

The utter requirement of scaffolding systems in the construction industry for carrying out the demolition, maintenance, and repair work is understandable. One of the best staging structures being used all across the globe is the Cuplock scaffolding System, which relies on securing nodes with two cups rather than with wedges, nuts, and bolts.

It provides a fast, multifarious and streamlined system of commissioning projects related to this field of work. It provides a quick solution for securing up to four horizontals at a time through a dependable top cup making the joint firm and stiff.

There are several different scaffolding forms in terms of their shape and structure such as
1. Trestle scaffolding,
2. Steel scaffolding,
3. Patented scaffolding,
4. Cantilever scaffolding,
5. Suspended scaffolding,
6. Single scaffolding, and
7. Double scaffolding,

based on the mechanism different types manufactured by the Cuplock Scaffolding System Manufacturers
• Tube and fittings scaffolding,
• H-frame scaffolding,
• cup lock scaffolding,
• ring lock scaffolding

Benefits of scaffolding systems
• This type of structure is easy to erect and dismantle,
• It does not leave any loose ends,
• It requires minimal maintenance and
• It uses no components like nuts, bolts, and wedges.
• It is best for access or formwork support and
• It has high load-bearing capacities despite being quite lightweight.

The various components of Cuplock system scaffolding are listed below:
1. Vertical Cuplock
It has cup joints at even distances; the caged mobile top cups are appropriate for facing the adverse situation of the site.

2. Ledger / Horizontal Cuplock
It contains a forged steel blade at the ends, able to find the bottom cups of the average while being affixed by the connected top cups.

3. Cuplock Transom
Each piece is made from twin operational angles that are interconnected to each other on the back, with drop artificial blades being placed at the ends.

4. Cuplock Omega Transom
This product is designed from press bent segments with flange-type additions on the sides and finds application in back up the working platform in unification with steel battens.

5. Cuplock Intermediate Transom
It is used in instances when the distance between the standards is more than the length of the boards.

6. Cuplock Return Transom
It is used to eliminate gaps between the two scaffolds.

7. Ladder Access Transom
Linked to the ledgers in the inlet, this element is used to make the desired amount of space in the bay to place a ladder.

8. Cuplock Cantilever Frame
It is fortified with ledger blades that are secured with the cups of standards and acts as a supporting component for decking and formwork at the edges.

9. Hop-Up 1/2/3 Bracket
This type of bracket is formed in the omega segments and tubes sections to place boards with the facility for artificial blades to be fitted with Cuplock standards through a cup joint.

10. Cuplock Bridging Horizontals
This machinery reduces the necessary railings on the working platform of the scaffold vehicle channel.

Where to get the finest quality scaffolding systems?
There are numerous suppliers of cuplock scaffolding system in India. They possess the following qualities:

• Well-equipped infrastructure
• Highly skilled professionals
• Tested quality of products
• Well spread network
• ISO 9001:2008 certified firm

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