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Why Choose Scaffolding Base Plate?

Posted by Admin on October, 22, 2019

There are various kinds of equipment that people engaged in construction works require for their construction jobs. One such type of equipment is the base plate. Base plates are often placed below a column so that the load gets spread on a larger area and then the load can be transferred to a concrete place, thus ensuring the safety of the entire system. There are various kinds of base plates. Scaffolding base plate suppliers produce and supply these base plates that are very reliable for use.

These base plates are generally used as foot plates in scaffold systems. These base plates are made from high-quality materials and therefore are highly efficient for use in construction sites.

Types and Features of Scaffolding Type Base Plates
Based on the purpose of usage, different types of base plates can be used for scaffolding purposes and systems. Here are some of the major types and features of the scaffolding type base plates.

Cuplock Scaffolding System Base Plates: These scaffolding system base plates have an innovative design and structure. They have premium quality and have cuplock type features. These base plate systems are made of metal and are generally 10 to 20mm thick. The pipe length of these scaffolding base plates systems varies from 3 to 5 feet. The anti-corrosive, high-quality and durable nature of these base plate systems make them highly efficient. They are specifically developed for construction usage.

Horizontal Scaffolding System Base Plates: These base plates have horizontal type base plate features and are made of metal. They are generally 10 to20mm in thickness and are given a fine polishing touch before final package. These highly-durable and anti-corrosive base plate systems are mainly for construction purposes.

Vertical Scaffolding Base Plate System: The vertical scaffolding base plates systems have mainly known for their high-grade features and high-quality. They are anti-corrosive and highly-durable and perfect for construction usage. These base plate systems come in a variety of sizes to meet the different requirements of the construction industry. The optimum efficient nature of these base plate systems makes them perfect for heavy-duty operations.

Metal Jack Base Plate System: The metal jack base plate systems are made of highly-durable and anti-corrosive metal that make them highly-efficient for construction purposes and jobs. These base metal plate systems are easy to adjust, and over 18 inches of these base plates are available with each of them having a nut screw. These base plates work best for both standards as well as arched frames. They help to level the frames on uneven ground.

Scaffolding base plate suppliers generally design the various kinds of scaffolding type base plates for the easy as well as the safe transfer of the force from one column to base plate by the direct bearing. The various kinds of scaffolding base system plates are specially designed to stabilize a column while usage in construction purposes. These base plate systems are developed using highly skilled and experienced workers who always take care of the quality of the products so that they can match and fulfill the requirements of the market.

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