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Horizontal Scaffolding System Manufacturers- How Do They Make Strong Structures?

Posted by Admin on June, 12, 2021

Scaffolds give reliable support to the workers while they perform tasks much higher than the ground level. These are provisionally erected for repair, construction or decoration of commercial buildings, homes or other edifices. It is not just important to purchase or rent the correct type of scaffolding to ensure that the job is done correctly, but also to sustain the safety of the construction labors working on the site.

Points to consider

  • When you buy scaffolding, it is important that you have appropriately knowledgeable about its composition.
  • Standards,
  • Ledgers, and
  • Panes
  • All these comprise the core of an entire scaffolding system. The vertical scaffold systems which determine the height of the equipment are the standards.
  • The horizontal scaffolding system conforming to its width is called the ledgers.
  • The pipes that are upright to the horizontal scaffoldings are known as panes. Panes support the placement of platforms.

Horizontal scaffolding systems

In the Horizontal Scaffolding System, all Ledgers also known as horizontals are forged blade welded at the ends with minimum projections to avoid damage. Each component locates itself in the Cup joint on the Standard/Vertical.

Ledgers are available in various sizes at all the leading Horizontal Scaffolding System Manufacturers to suit your needs, depending on loading factors in support and wide range access requirements.


• High tensile strength steel frame scaffolding

• Highest quality powder coated finishes & galvanized finishes for durability

Other systems of Scaffolding

  • Cuplock scaffolding systems: - This uses pressed steel bottom cups welded at a different spacing onto the 40 NB steel pipes paired with flexible cast top cups.
  • Vertical scaffolding systems:-This is manufactured in various sizes for access and support. All the basic sizes have cups welded at 500mm.and 1000mm.The confined mobile upper cups are made of malleable casting/sg iron casting to endure rough site handling and welded bottom cups are pressed from deep drawn steel.

All of these systems make any type of scaffolding strong and reliable.

Which one provides reliable support to the workers? It is dependent on the manufacturing system.

Types of scaffoldings

There are different varieties of scaffolding structures are available online. Choose the perfect type of scaffolding that will help you do the job safely.

  • Mobile scaffolding - A mobile scaffold is a type of freestanding independent scaffold that can be easily moved from location to location.
  • Fixed scaffolds - Fixed scaffolds are designed to stand alongside a building and can be either independent or putlog.
  • Suspended scaffold - It has a platform that can be raised or lowered.
  • Hanging scaffold - Hanging bracket scaffolds possess the horizontal scaffolding structures that are supported by the floors of the building or edifice under construction or repair.

Buy varieties of scaffoldings online

There are so many horizontal scaffolding system suppliers in India to be approached online. They fulfill the requirements easily and timely. Here are the specific features of a reliable supplier.

• Customer focused approach

• Facilities that help in meeting hi-end requirements

• ISO 9001/2008 certified organization working in accordance with standards

• Possess a well-equipped warehouse that is spacious enough to store bulk material.

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