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4 Mistakes To Avoid When Using Mobile Scaffolding Tower On Job Site

Posted by Admin on August, 10, 2021

Mobile Scaffolding towers can be a great asset when it comes to repairing or reaching large structures during the construction work safely and securely. Mobile Scaffolding towers are made from metal pipes like steel, aluminium, etc and are highly in demand in various industries across the world. These are vital for fundamental safety at the worksite and can help render an inflexible platform when working at height. Mobile scaffolding towers are lightweight, user-friendly and durable. Several mobile scaffolding tower manufacturers offer customized products to their clients at affordable rates.

However, Mobile scaffolding towers are not a cheap buy. You can easily find several varieties of mobile scaffolding towers online and offline at the best price. However, one must understand and weigh the use of mobile scaffolding towers before opting for a customized mobile scaffolding tower for their business. Listed below are some mistakes to avoid when using a mobile scaffolding tower at the worksite.

Using Uncertified Mobile Scaffolding Tower

Quality of equipment is vital for the successful completion of work. Hence, using cheap and uncertified mobile scaffolding towers can lead to injuries or damage on the job site. The cheap equipment may not have undergone safety and quality checks before dispatch. It is better to stick to quality equipment because the life of workers can be at risk while using it.

Exceeding Work Load Limit

Like every other piece of equipment, the mobile scaffolding tower also has an assigned workload limit. It is essential that when using a mobile scaffolding tower that the material, workers, etc it does not cross the workload limit to avoid severe risk on the job site. Another key thing to remember is that mobile scaffolding towers are not the place to store equipment or material over a longer duration as it can lead to the weakening of the platform over time.

Sudden Movement Or Impact

Although, mobile scaffolding towers are more stable in comparison to the humble ladder. Sudden movement or impact on mobile scaffolding towers must be avoided to ensure safety. Mobile scaffolding tower should be used carefully with deliberate movement when standing on top for the successful and safe completion of work.

Using mobile scaffolding tower during strong wind

Mobile scaffolding towers are not built to withstand strong wind conditions. Although the user manual has that piece of information on it, some people do not heed the caution which can lead to fatal injuries. Therefore, when the weather picks up, it is wise to hold the work for a later time.

The above-discussed pointers will aid in a safe working environment when using a mobile scaffolding tower on the job site. Mobile scaffolding towers are easy to assemble and are cost-effective too. These are considered more reliable and offer more protection than some other scaffolding towers available in the market space when used properly and adequately on the job site.

Many mobile scaffolding tower manufacturers provide Aluminium mobile scaffolding towers as these are much popular and are labour oriented, low maintenance and rustproof. Make sure to follow the safety procedure when using a mobile scaffolding tower to avoid injuries or accidents on the job site.

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